Vehicle Removal
If you have vehicles parked in your parking lot that don't belong there, you have the RIGHT to have those vehicles removed. Whether you have a large parking lot or small, we can help you keep your parking spots available for your customers or fire lanes clear for emergency vehicles.

In October of 2005 the State of Michigan passed a new law giving the property owner the authority to enforce unauthorized parking on their property. The property owner is required to post signs meeting all state requirements on their property.

The law reads as follows:

MCL257, 252k. Except as otherwise provided in section 252, an owner or leaser of private real property shall post a notice that meets all of the following requirements before authorizing the towing or removal of a vehicle from real property without the consent of the owner or other person who is legally entitled to possess the vehicle:

a) The notice shall be prominently displayed at each point of entry for vehicular access to the property. If the real property lacks curb or access barriers, not less than one notice shall be posted for each 100 feet of road frontage.

b) The notice clearly indicates in letters not less than two inches high on a contrasting background that unauthorized vehicles will be towed away at the owner's expense.

c) The notice provides the name and phone number of the towing service responsible for towing or removing vehicles from that property.

d) The notice is permanently installed with the bottom of the notice located not less than 4 feet from the ground and is continuously maintained on the property for not less than 24 hours before a vehicle is towed or removed.
We have signs available that meet all city guidelines within each jurisdiction. Please contact us for more information.
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